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Seaweed Sensation (SeaSens) is available to Australian users as an economical and viable alternative to other seaweed (kelp) plant and soil conditioners.

This scientifically-backed product will enable you to increase the nutrient quality of both your plants and soil, bringing with it, increased long-term benefits and potential for your livestock and/or cropping pursuits.

SeaSens is produced using only kelp harvested from the pristine waters of Tasmania to provide and supply seaweed solutions to the agricultural, horticultural and domestic sectors.

The application of SeaSens is virtually unrestricted - its use is really only limited by your imagination and situation. SeaSens can be used on fallow soil, plants of any description (including natives), as a seedling root-bath prior to transplanting and also to pre-condition seed for stronger germination.

These established benefits alone should certainly pique the interest of all involved in the food and fibre production processess ... but in addition to this, SeaSens' place in the market hierarchy is very favourable for you, being priced at a rate that provides you with significant savings over other equivalent, market-leading products - savings in fact which are in excess of 40% - therefore, for every dollar you spend, you can almost double the benefits for your situation - see the Comparative Table on the attached document for full details.

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Where your pursuits and interests bring you to research about our product SeaSens, you may also be interested in an associated website which provides information about piston water pumps. provides a range of technical and other information to assist owners understand and repair their pumps and also details the range of refurbished and restored pumps that are available for delivery at any point in time. Contact details are provided as well to enable you to check the range of spare parts that is also available.

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